Say hello to the wines that have travelled through the pages of history, to grace your tables!

Donnas is a small town in the Lower Aosta Valley, located 300 m above sea level. Aosta Valley is the smallest region in Italy, situated in its northwest and shares boundaries with France and Switzerland.
Amidst an alpine environment, Donnas enjoys a mild climate that allows the cultivation of Mediterranean plants (olive, lemon, palm, mimosa) but which above all favors the cultivation of vines, today as in the past, as evidenced by numerous historical documents from several centuries, including two from the 1200s.

In 1971, a group of wine growers, formed a cooperative with the specific aim of protecting and guaranteeing the quality and authenticity of the wine produced in this region. This Cooperative is known as Caves de Donnas.

The Nebbiolo (Picotrendo in local dialect) grape variety has been cultivated in Donnas since the 12th century and the winegrowers here are known to use ancient traditions for the cultivation of vine. Combating every difficulty they face for being located on a steep slope of the Alpine mountain, they follow the centuries-old practice of planting vines on terraces held by walls that are up to 4 meters high.

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