Prosecco Margarita Cocktail Recipe with our fabulous Zonin Prosecco

Celebrate Spring & Summer with these refreshing Zonin Prosecco Margarita Cocktail recipes.
Sparkling Margaritas
1/2 cup lime juice (Fresh juice is best)
1 cup quality tequila
1/2 cup orange liqueur
1 bottle chilled Prosecco
For garnish use lime wedges and coarse salt

Pour all the ingredients into a large bowl, or pitcher, and combine well. Take your glasses and run the lime wedge around the edges. Pour the salt into a flat plate, and one by one, dip the rim of the glasses into the salt—creating an evenly coated edge.
Pour the drink mixture into the glasses, serve, and enjoy!

Prosecco Margaritas with Lime Sugar
2 ounces of quality tequila
2 ounces Triple Sec
2 ounces lime juice (Fresh, if available)
4 ounces prosecco

Garnish Ingredients:
¼ cup granulated sugar
Zest from 2 limes
1 lime wedge

Pour the granulated sugar into a plate.  Add the lime zest. Take the back of a spoon and mix it together, making sure the zest and sugar are incorporated well.
Take 2 cocktail glasses and rub the edges with a lime wedge.  Then dip each glass into the lime sugar mixture until an even zesty sugared rim has been created
Pour the tequila, triple sec, and lime juice into 2 glasses and gently stir. Top with chilled prosecco. Delicious!

Zonin Prosecco is perfect for a celebratory toast, brought to the table as the shining star at your next brunch, or wonderful as a sparkling addition to a festive cocktail—offering just the right essence of bubbly.