Article on our English Wines from Hush Heath Winery in HKET

We are delighted to share the article published on 28th Feb 2020 in the Hong Kong Economic Times about our wonderful English Wines from Hush Heath Winery in Kent, Southern England.
To read the article in Cantonese, click here: Hush Heath – Castello del Vino

English Translation as below:
Hush Heath – Sparkling wine from England
Hush Heath Manor was built in 1503 where the families Balfour-Lynn stay today. Hush Heath is located in Kent, which is also known as “Traditional British Garden”. While the weather here is cold, the warm sun always shines brightly; giving the feel of a French champagne. The estate is surrounded by large stretches of forests which help in keeping the temperature constant.

In 2002, the owners Richard and Leslie Balfour-Lynn started their first vineyard – Oast House Meadow. In 2004, the first sparkling wine Balfour Brut Rose’ was released and won the Gold International Wine Challenge in 2006. It was the first sparkling wine served on the first class of British Airways. Also, it was the only wine supplied at London Olympics 2012. With such a wonderful record, Balfour Brut Rose’ still remains the signature wine of Hush Heath winery.

Hush Heath spans across 60 acres of land that nurtures variety of grapes, namely Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier, small amount of Bacchus & Pinot Blanc. In future, they hope to increase the production from 100,000 bottles to 400,000 bottles by increasing the vineyard size to 130 acres. Working to make the winery’s vision come true is Mr Owen Elias, who joined in 2004. He has won the winemaker of the year in England award and is creator of Balfour 1503, Classic Cuvee, a new generation of the same signature sparkling wine, which became the most popular wine in United States. It is made from 3 different vintages with second fermentation, and aging for 9 months before release.

In 2016, Balfour Leslie’s Reserve was launched. The target market for this wine was restaurants, bars and retail shops. Although no vintage, the brewing process is same as champagne. The only difference is the percentage of Pinot Noir is 55% while Chardonnay is 45% and Pinot Meunier 5%, and the aging is 18 months long. Therefore, if you love sparkling wine, make sure you try the Balfour Leslie’s Reserve – “champagne” in British style.